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Children of Give Back Hope

The History

Late in 2015, a man from Malawi came to the United States in search of assistance for his orphanage.

Through God's hand, he was connected with GBHI Board Member Penny Curtis and her husband Rex. After discussion with the Board of Directors of Give Back Hope International, it was decided that GBHI would assume the responsibility of supporting the daily needs of the children at the orphanage. GBHI teams have visited the orphanage twice since then, and great improvements have been made in the facilities, staff and care of the children there. In August of 2016, the orphanage under new leadership/management, became the Give Back Hope Orphanage.

How you can help

The Give Back Hope Orphanage is currently home to 20 children. For breakfast, the children generally get tea with milk and sugar, and for lunch and dinner, a porridge-like mixture of soy and maize. As you can imagine, the children are in constant need of food, clothing, medical supplies, and school supplies. Your donations help us to provide these and other much-needed resources to them.

How do Sponsorships Work?

When you sponsor one of our kids from Give Back Hope, you become their "Family of Hope." For $25 a month (just $0.80 day), you can help us provide critical resources for their care and keeping. As a Family of Hope, you will also receive pictures of your child/children, and whenever GBHI team members visit the orphanage you will have the opportunity to exchange correspondence with your child/children.

Their physical and emotional survival depends on your love and generosity. Thank you for your assistance!

Be a Sponsor!

Interested in helping the children at the orphanage? Become a sponsor! You get to choose how much you donate, so you can help out without putting a burden on your budget.

Thank you!

The Children